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A root canal treatment is the process of removing injected or injured tissue from inside the crown and root of a tooth– thereby preventing further spread of the injection and damage to surrounding teeth. Once cleaned, the canal is disinfected, reshaped, filled, and sealed with natural looking and feeling material.

While root canal treatments are commonly feared by patients, we have good news: they shouldn’t be! On top of being necessary in certain circumstances in order to protect and preserve your dental health, our wide range of sedation options and years of experience ensure that you are comfortable throughout every step of the process.

Here’s everything you need to know about root canal treatments at Westshore Dental in Langford BC:

The Benefits of Root Canals

Thanks to modern dentistry, root canals are relatively painless. In fact, the whole point of a root canal is to relieve pain caused by damaged tissue. This is accomplished by removing the tissue, eliminating the source of the pain

Root canals are not only designed to save living teeth, but also to keep dead teeth from becoming infected. A tooth isn’t just enamel; it also contains nerves and tissue that can become infected or inflamed. Sometimes the patient is not aware of pain, even if a root canal is needed

Once the pulp in your tooth is infected, the only other alternative to a root canal is having the tooth extracted. This is discouraged because removing one tooth can cause your other teeth to shift. This could change your bite and the quality of your smile

Background on Root Canals

The root canal therapy procedure includes opening the tooth to expose the infected material. We then remove the source of the infection alongside the pulp of the tooth and the nerve inside. The inside of the tooth is then cleansed with an antibacterial wash and closed with filling material.

Since the result of leaving an infection brewing can be detrimental to your oral health (and even overall physical health), root canals work to restore the well-being of your mouth quickly and effectively.

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